We are a custom skateboard wheels manufacturer. 

Over more than 50 years we have refined our production process to provide the highest quality and most consistent wheels available. All of our high performance formulas provide excellent abrasion resistance and superior ride characteristic for a wide range of surface conditions. Our wheels are Made in the USA and shipped worldwide.  

Creative Wheels is part of the MPC Wheels family which has been perfecting the manufacturing of recreational polyurethane wheels for over 50 years. 

Our expert team of chemists and engineers have created the best wheels to give you the ride and performance that best fits your style and environment. All our material formulations are patented and proprietary. We take pride in  making of the best performance skateboard wheels in the world. 

Custom High Performance Skateboard Wheels


Customer Support 

For general questions, please call +1 800-343-6591

Order questions, production or tech questions, please refer to info@test1.creativewheelsusa.com 

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