Selecting Your Wheel Size 

Depending on a shape you choose, the size of your wheel can be customized between 38 and 64 mm. The size refers to the outer diameter of the wheel. Please keep in mind that the wheel size is an important factor in determining the price of your wheels. For pricing information, start your order. 

Conical-shaped wheels are only available in sizes between 50 to 60 mm, and Flat Side Designs are available between 50 and 58 mm. Overall width and road surface are standard, based on the size and shape of your chosen wheel. We may be able to customize the width and road contact surface of the wheels per your unique requirements. Please make sure to mention it during the order process.

Selecting Larger vs. Smaller Skateboard Wheels 

When choosing wheels’ diameter, consider the riding styles and conditions of your skateboarders. Larger wheels in diameter will go faster and retain momentum better; larger wheels are generally better for commuter riders.  Smaller wheels are lighter and accelerate much better. They are ideal for street skating and more aggressive skateboard riding style.