Superior Materials for Optimal Performance

We offer premium materials at multiple Durometers: 95A, 97A, 99A, 101A. All of our high-performance formulations provide excellent abrasion resistance. Durometer is a scale used in measuring the hardness of the wheel. Higher numbers indicated a higher level of hardness.

What is the difference between harder and softer skateboard wheels?

Harder wheels with higher durometers are known to be faster. They are ideal for smooth riding surfaces, such as parks. Softer wheels provide more grip for rough surfaces and are more suitable for street skating.

Formula 83 

Our world-famous Formula 83 combines the ultimate riding hardness. This formula allows for quick acceleration and high speeds. This material is preferred by professional skateboarders with lots of experience. Please keep in mind that the minimum order for Formula 83 is 1000 wheels and may come at an additional cost. Please refer to the Pricing section for more information.

Additional options for custom formulations might be available. Please contact us for specific requirements.