Customize Your Wheel Shape (Wheel Cut) 

You can customize your wheel shape to fit your customers’ style and riding conditions. You can choose to have a different shape on the front and back of the wheel. Keep in mind it comes as an additional cost. Select from 5 different shapes below: Standard, Standard Cut with Radius, Round Cut, Conical and Flat.

Standard Shape

The standard shape offers a slim contact area along with slightly curved edges. Best for more aggressive “street” ride.

Standard Cut with Radius 

The Standard Cut with Radius offers a slim contact area along with slightly curved edges. The curved edges allow for easier bearing assembly. 

Round Cut

Round cut wheel edge helps make the wheel slide more easily, therefore they are more responsive. They are ideal for skaters who want to do tricks, as wheels are more responsive to quick motions. 


Conical skateboard wheels have a wider contact area and sidewalls that cone inwards. Wider wheels are great for skateboarding at higher speeds. Conical wheels are wider from the core and narrower to the outer edge.

Flat Side Design (FSD)

Flat Cut wheels offer maximum road contact and great for skateboarding at the highest speed. They also offer more stability. FSD wheels are ideal for cruising or commuting. 

Standard Wheel Shape Templates

We provide templates with all dimensions for each diameter of the wheels. You can download the standard dimensions for each of the shapes below.