Your Designs Come to Life

Your customized artwork can reinforce your brand image and evolve with new designs. The only limitation is geometry of your wheel and your imagination! Choose your colors and upload your art – it’s that easy.

Artwork Requirements

During the checkout process, you’ll be required to upload your design in Adobe Illustrator or EPS file format. As a resource, you can download our Artwork Templates. 

The art area for most shapes is standardized. The outer diameter (OD) for the artwork should be 3mm smaller than the outer diameter (OD) of the wheel. The inner diameter (ID) of your artwork should be 23mm for wheels 55mm and smaller, and it would be 24mm for wheels 56mm and larger. Conical and Flat Side Design (FSD) shapes have different art sizing requirements. To get an idea for artwork requirements, you can download our artwork templates here.

After you submit your order, we’ll review your artwork to make sure it is correct. We’ll contact you if any changes are needed.

Color Accuracy

White Background for Your Artwork

The color of your wheel will impact the way the printed design appears. One of the best ways to get the color rendition of your artwork is to include white as the first layer. The white layer will also help your design pop.

Please make sure to specify white color as an additional layer during the order process. In addition, make sure that your artwork file includes the white layer when you upload your design file.

We’ll do our best to match the colors of your design. Because of inherent limitations with the printing process, as well as neighboring image ink requirements, the accuracy of color reproduction is not guaranteed. By placing an order with, you agree to this limitation. If artwork is critical to you, we recommend that you purchase proofs during the order process.

To learn more about our printing policy, please refer to our Terms of Services.